Workshop Certifications

The Firland Workshop’s commitment to quality is embodied in our 55-year track record of providing high quality, precision parts  on-time to committed due dates to Boeing.

We have earned numerous letters of accolade, quality awards, and internationally recognized certifications. After many years of being ISO9000 / AS9100 compliant, Firland annually passes its full certification of the AS9100C quality standard and will move to AS9100D certification in 2018.

In 2006, the Firland added Six Sigma process improvement practices to its manufacturing operation. Multiple employees have completed Six Sigma training and hold Green Belt certifications.  The 7 Wastes Improvement program is a  key element for our Lean Manufacturing improvement program and is taught daily across the shop.

As the precision parts manufacturing industry continues to become more competitive, Firland is committed to continuous process improvement and integrating manufacturing best practices as critical drivers to ensure future success.

Boeing Q100 Award–2000 and 2001

Performance Excellence Award–2011

Boeing Quality Performance Award–Q1-2014 

ISO 9001:2008 /AS9100C
Registration No. 14-1680
Effective June 15, 2015
Expires: June 14, 2018